One of Canada’s only exclusive detox facilities!

  • Private, serene residence facility.
  • Professionally managed withdrawal.
  • Recommended by many rehab facilities for medical detox.

What others are saying



“I walked in here expecting to walk out the same way I came in. I expected the same old false hope. but I could not have been more wrong! Despite all my negativity, tantrums, meltdowns and my belief that nobody understood, I am sitting here writing this feeling as close as I ever been to getting myself back. Each and every person has made an imprint on my outlook on life. I could not be more grateful that I ended up here surrounded by people who really do want to help. Thank you for the hope, the help and everything.” – Matthew, Brampton



“This place saved my life. Wonderful staff, so caring in so many ways. So concerned about what happens to me after detox as they were energetically searching for best combination of my care. I would love to tell future potential clients how great this place is to help them get in and get better. Well worth the cost (check insurance coverage and tax claims also).” – Thomas, Etobicoke, Ontario



“Thank you for everything Neworld has done for my daughter. You are in our hearts. Dr. Khaled, if there is anything you ever need help with, you only need to call…” – Father of Anonymous, Toronto

Dr. M. Khaled
Medical Director

About Dr. Khaled

At NEWORLD Medical Detox Centre, we know how withdrawal is a critical phase of addiction treatment recovery.
We will provide you with individually tailored detox program so you can get through this phase as smoothly as possible.


Get the professional medical detox that you deserve. Let our professional staff medically supervise your withdrawal, and see the difference specialists can make.